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The right of citizens reception

Admission rules for foreign nationals

Department of Acting. 

Major: 52.05.01 “Acting Art”.
Duration of study: 4 years.

Rules of admission for the 2017/2018 academic year:
Enrolment status: full time.

School graduates receive a specialist's diploma and are awarded qualification as “Drama Theatre and Film Actor”.

Foreign nationals are admitted EXCLUSIVELY on the basis of a contract between the School and the foreign national, providing for complete coverage of the study costs (paid tuition), or under international treaties.

Young people who have attained secondary (complete) education and successfully passed the enrolment examinations are entitled to be admitted to the School.

Foreign nationals can be admitted:
For a Russian-language course with subjects taught in Russian; enrolment is on general terms. 

For a course made up entirely of citizens of one country, who will then be taught in the language of that country (the group must include 15 or more students). Consultations in person or by phone are available throughout the year.

Foreign applicants will sit for a consultation (interview) with a school counsellor at one of the educational institutions in their respective countries or at the school after arriving to begin their studies.

Enrolment applications are accepted starting February of the current year. Russian language courses are available between February and June (without dormitory placement).

The academic year begins in September.

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • An application addressed to the Institute Rector (prepared using a unified form)
  • Proof of education (certificate of secondary (complete) general education or diploma), a certificate of equivalence of this proof of education, its translation certified by a notary
  • A medical certificate with the mandatory inclusion of HIV test results, an international certificate of immunisations with a translation into Russian (diphtheria immunisation, TB test (chest X-ray of the lungs) are required), a doctor's opinion on the applicant's fitness to study at an institution of higher education, all dated within the current year; 
  • 8 photos measuring 3 x 4 cm (photos on matte photo paper; the person in the photo must not be wearing any headgear)

Unlike Russian citizens, foreign nationals are not required to submit military service records.

Any questions should be addressed in writing by email to 2017prk@gmail.com. All questions will be answered by the Admissions Committee secretary within a week.

Our address: 6/2 Neglinnaya Street, Moscow, 109012


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